• First time Full Body Bronze 40
  • Full Body Bronze 45
  • Upper Body Bronze 30




Please see below and our experience section for our Q & A section and Before & After Tips.

Spray Tanning Q & A

Most frequent questions and answers

The night before your visit:

  • Be sure to shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin
  • On the day of your tan, please do not use makeup, perfume, deodorant or lotions.

3 - 6 hours after your tan:

  • Your Sweet & Refined Tech will let you know when you can light shower following your visit
  • It is normal to see a fair amount of spray tanning solution wash off in the shower
  • Do not use scrubs or soaps.
  • When drying, gently pat yourself after your shower and avoid exfoliating

The day of your visit

  • Wear loose clothing
  • We also recommend that your clothing be dark.
  • Dress for the weather!

For the life of your bronze:

Ask us about our professional Bronze extenders and apply them each day to lock in your tan.

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COVID-19 May 25th Update

We are getting closer to opening day. All personal services and aesthetics excluding hairstylists and barbers have a tentative open date of June 19th. 
We will be emails everyone on our email list 2 days prior to opening our online booking. 
We have also created at home sugar wax kits if you want to reduce some of the growth in the mean time. Please send us an email from pricing or more information. We do free delivery or pick up!