For new clients please reach out for more information. For returning clients we offer a discount in the form of our Regulars appointments or Regs’ when you book within two months of your last appointment.



  • Underarm 25
  • Full Arm 50
  • Half Arm 40
  • Full Front (Chest and Stomach) 70
  • Stomach 30
  • Chest 40
  • Shoulders 25
  • Full Back including Shoulders 70
  • Lower Back 35
  • Upper Back 40
  • Full Legs 90
  • Half Legs 50

Please be sure that hair is at least 1/4 of an inch long or 2 weeks of growth after shaving for your first sugaring appointment. If your hair is longer then 1 inch in length please trim prior to your appointment. Please be sure to NOT apply lotions or deodorant the day of your appointment and come with clean skin; as this effects the quality of your services.

Please see below and our experience section for our Q & A section and Before & After Tips.


  • Back and Torso 60 +
  • Brow 20
  • Outer Ear 10
  • Nostrils 10
  • Full Bottom 35
  • Between the Cheeks 20
  • *Add on Full Bottom 15
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COVID-19 May 25th Update

We are getting closer to opening day. All personal services and aesthetics excluding hairstylists and barbers have a tentative open date of June 19th. 
We will be emails everyone on our email list 2 days prior to opening our online booking. 
We have also created at home sugar wax kits if you want to reduce some of the growth in the mean time. Please send us an email from pricing or more information. We do free delivery or pick up!