Providing the Best in Comfort

Body sugaring has been around for thousands of years. Recently it has been rediscovered, and with advances in technology can provide the most comfortable alternative to the act of painful waxing and irritable shaving.

Sweet and Refined was founded on a simple principle. Beauty should be easy and comfortable. We take extra care in ensuring every one of our customers has an exceptional experience.

Our Talented Sugarists

Jenna Longshore


As a woman blessed with vibrant red hair, I was also cursed with overly sensitive skin. Shaving and waxing left my skin raw and irritated. I was turned on to sugaring by a friend and never looked back. 

I became obsessed with sugaring! 

I got certified in sugaring and jumped into working in the industry. With each slayed bush, my passion grew and Sweet & Refined was born. 

Sugar paste on stomach. Only the most comfortable and natural products used on our customers in Calgary. Sweet and Refined is a Body Sugaring Boutique in Calgary